MTD Group is one of the leading manufacturing specialists in road & highway products and services in Malaysia via ACP-DMT Sdn Bhd (ACP-DMT).

Under the brand name of ‘AlloyMtd DJ’, ACP-DMT manufactures road and highway products namely Bituminous Emulsions, All-Weather Thermoplastic Road Marking, Patchmix for pothole repair, road furniture, and Asphaltic Bridge Joint System Products.

ACP-DMT It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saujanika Sdn Bhd which in turn is a member of MTD Group.

AlloyMtd DJ Road Marking, AlloyMtd DJ Emulsions, and AlloyMtd DJ AP Joint are bywords for innovations and have become the standard wherever the road and highway engineering is practiced. These products have received tremendous support and buy-in from clientele, both locally and abroad.